not unlike fine Scotches and Cognacs, have a huge diversity of character, flavor and aroma stemming from the various regions where the agave is grown, the distilling process used by the maker, the length of time the tequila is aged, and the barrels in which it ages. At Coyote Cantina we carry a vast selection of the finest tequilas available!

Plata (silver)- These tequilas are young, un-aged and retain all the fruitiness of the Blue Agave plant from which they are distilled.

Reposado (rested) - These tequilas are aged from three months to one year. They assume some of the flavors and aromas of the barrelsin which they are aged, typically American or French oak barrels.

Anejo (aged) - These tequilas are aged for more than one year, some for as many asfifteen or twenty years. Some makers use retired American whiskey or French Cognac casks to add further depth of flavor and character.

This is a sample of the tequila brands we normally stock. Most come in two or all three categories. Small batch tequilas are also available, but limited supply prevents us listing them.

1800, 1942, Cabo Wabo, Casa Viejo, Centinario, Corazon, Corzo, Cuervo, Don Eduardo, Don Fulano, Don Julio, Herradura, Milagro, Oro Azul, Patron, Sauza.