The Coyote is original art created by Markus Pierson.

About The Artist

Welcome to Markus Pierson's world of Coyotes. A colorful world where there is no violence, no prejudices, no famine, no disease. A world where the greatest tragedies are broken hearts, stale boring jobs, and a team waxing at the baseball park. A strange and wonderful world that we can hop into through the art of Markus Pierson.

In his early twenties, Markus was working as an accountant by day and making art by night. His first step into a full time art occupation was a job painting pictorial billboard for an advertising firm. It was painting the huge 14 x 48 foot billboards Pierson says, that taught him an important lesson. "After a while you realize there is nothing you can't paint. After that it's a matter of developing a style and subject matter." Markus unwittingly found inspiration for his subject matter in the lyrics of a Joni Mitchell song, "Coyote", about a reckless, footloose coyote in dark sunglasses. "I didn't think it would change my life, I just thought it would be fun to draw!" Hundreds of paintings later, his works continue to sell as fast as the can paint them.

Filled with texture and quality to the last detail, each original work has a story to accompany it. Composed and hand written by the artist himself, these stories help give an insight into the heart and soul of Markus Pierson. While he obviously has a witty side, there is a reflective and sincere quality that is present in his art. "I want to demonstrate that although my art is amusing, it is also valid," says the artist, and he has proven this with a painterly stroke and a masterful use of space.

Pierson's portfolio also includes a line of limited edition sculptures, hand made serigraphs and lithographs. He is currently working with Disney on a few limited edition works for their galleries, and has a new merchandising deal with Mega merchandising, a division of Sony.

When asked about his demanding schedule, Markus says, "My art work is a natural extension of my life, and I am doing what I truly love to do. I grumble a lot about working too hard, but inside I'm grinning ear-to-ear. I have come to admire the coyotes for their insistence on living very big, very full lives. No matter what life throws them, they embrace it. I like that."